Adding a new Cache device and you setup your cluster with -CacheDeviceModel and now the new device wont be used as Cache?

Hello Everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post. So i thought id share something i came over in our Azure Stack HCI(Former S2D) slack channel.

Someone said that they had a new Node that when they added that node to the cluster, the new Cache devices would not bind to the Capacity drives on that cluster. The reason for this is when the cluster was created, it was run with Enable-ClusterS2D -CacheDeviceModel. When doing so you tell the cluster that the only allowed Cache device is this model.

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Configuring Azure Update Management for Virtual Machine Manager

With VMM 2019 we got the possibility to setup Azure Update Management for all new VM’s being deployed with VM Templates in VMM.

I see a great value in this as you do not need to setup a local WSUS server to do patching. And for any hoster you can easy have 1 single pane of glass in Azure to monitor and update the VM’s in your environment.

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How to configure System Center VMM Part 10 – Physical Computer Profiles

Welcome back for Part 10 of this System Center VMM series, in this post I will talk to you about Physical Computer Profiles

In the previous posts i have spoken about all the different fabric items that needs to be in place for Bare Metal Deployment to work. Physical Computer Profiles is the last piece of the puzzle for doing BMT deployment.

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