Issue Cloud Service IP CIDR is required when setting up resource bridge for Azure Stack HCI

So i was setting up a Azure Stack HCI Lab today and came across a error msg when running the set-mocconfig command.

My cluster has static IP addresses on everything and for some reason it then requires the Cloud Service IP CIDR to be set static. And you can’t use a parameter like $cloudservicecidr = “IP Address” You need to specify it in the line.

Error msg i got was

Cloud Service IP CIDR is required when using static IP assignment.

It works if adding -cloudServiceCidr at the end after stable.

#On Mode
Set-MocConfig -workingDir "\\$using:ClusterName\ClusterStorage$\$using:VolumeName\workingDir" -vnet $vnet -imageDir $using:VolumePath\imageStore -skipHostLimitChecks -cloudConfigLocation $using:VolumePath\cloudStore -catalog aks-hci-stable-catalogs-ext -ring stable -cloudServiceCidr

Adding a new Address Space to a Azure vNet and peering not updated

So last week i had to add a new address space to a vNet as i needed a seperate subnet for Private Endpoints. I added a address space, configured the subnet and setup the private endpoints.

When i started testing i could not reach the private endpoints. I could see the traffic flow in the NSG logs and from other vNets trough the Azure Firewall. And i could not figure it out. I asked a few MVP friends and the answer was that this is a limitation in Azure.

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Azure Firewall Routing to a Public IP Range in your On-Premises environment

This week we have been deploying a new environment in Azure for a client. With a secured vWAN Hub with Azure Firewall. The vWAN Hub is connected to a Cisco SD-WAN appliance that connects all of the clients physical location. We configured 2 new Domain Controllers, opened up the traffic between the Azure DC and on-premises DC. We could reach the Azure DC’s but not the other way arround.

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Cluster Node failed to join the cluster

Hey everyone, another Failover Cluster issue i came across lately. And i wanted to share this one as i could not find any good resources online for this issue. So here we go.

A client contacted me a few weeks back about a node that would not come online again in the cluster after a reboot. It would not join back to the cluster at all. When looking at the cluster it just did not want to join back to the cluster. The only good error msg’s under failover clustering i could find where these.

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Azure Stack HCI OS not registered to Azure anymore

Hello Friends, it’s been a while since my last post. With covid and all my inspiration has not been the best. And with all my spare time going into renovating the house there has not been so much time. But there will be more posts coming soon.

I got the chance to borrow some Lenovo MX1021 Azure Stack HCI nodes to play with and test. And with the soon to be release public preview of 21H2 release i wanted to start getting some real HW experience. So stay tuned for some Azure Stack HCI blog posts coming soon.

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Built-in Firewall rule issues

Hello everyone, a quick and short blog post here. As most of you know for services built in to the windows server os there are default firewall rules that get’s enabled if you install the role or feature and you configure it.

Like Radius, Hyper-V Replica, and so on. In the last few weeks i have had issues with Radius and Hyper-V replica firewall ports not working even tho the default rules where enabled.

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