Issue Cloud Service IP CIDR is required when setting up resource bridge for Azure Stack HCI

So i was setting up a Azure Stack HCI Lab today and came across a error msg when running the set-mocconfig command.

My cluster has static IP addresses on everything and for some reason it then requires the Cloud Service IP CIDR to be set static. And you can’t use a parameter like $cloudservicecidr = “IP Address” You need to specify it in the line.

Error msg i got was

Cloud Service IP CIDR is required when using static IP assignment.

It works if adding -cloudServiceCidr at the end after stable.

#On Mode
Set-MocConfig -workingDir "\\$using:ClusterName\ClusterStorage$\$using:VolumeName\workingDir" -vnet $vnet -imageDir $using:VolumePath\imageStore -skipHostLimitChecks -cloudConfigLocation $using:VolumePath\cloudStore -catalog aks-hci-stable-catalogs-ext -ring stable -cloudServiceCidr