Storage Spaces Direct Monitoring with Dataon Must

Hi everyone

Last week Dataon officially released there monitoring system for there S2D offering. Dataon Must, it is at the time the only S2D monitoring software out there. There is management packs you can add to SCOM to get alerts and stuff in there. There is also one made for MOMS. Take a look at Stanislavs post about it here. Other then that there is nothing else.

This post will be all about the pictures and not so much about the writing 🙂

Dataon Must is only available with Dataon S2D hardware. As of what i know, it will not be available with non Dataon S2D clusters. When you get this solution it’s delivered as a finished setup. You get a vhdx file to import as a virtual machine. Import it, give it 4gb of ram and min 2 cpu and you are good to go. It’s a Win 2016 server and running a IIS website. Setting it up is quite simple and is done in minutes.

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