About me

Hi and welcome to my blog site. Here i will be blogging about things i do and find interesting in the quite big IT world.

My name is Jan-Tore Pedersen,and i have been working in the IT industry since 2006. As a consultant and systems administrator. Just started working as a Senior Consultant at CTGlobal Services in Oslo, Norway. CTGlobal is a global consultancy company located in Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and the US. I will be focusing on S2D, VMM, SCOM and Azure Stack in this new job. I had a short stint in Skill AS in oslo, where i was a Senior Consultant working mainly with Azure/Office365 and some on-prem systems.  Before that i worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at Infront in norway, who is a reseller of financial information. Real time data, news, historical data and a lot more for the financial systems. My responsibilities span from setting up client computers, to servers, network, firewalls. I have the main infrastructure responsibility and focus on the network, firewalls, server park both software and hardware. From normal servers to Hyper-V Clusters. Right now i am involved in a big S2D cluster upgrade from 2012 R2 with san’s.

This blog will contain info about things i work on and things that interest me in the IT world.