VMM 2022 Agent Upgrade Problem and Adding New physical hosts

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VMM 2022 is out and allows you to run Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI 21H2 wich you wan’t to upgrade to to get new features if you have any of those 2 OS’es. I upgraded my lab last week and had some issues. The VMM 2022 upgrade went perfect.

But upgrading my 2019 cluster agents gave an error. The same with adding new physical hosts to VMM.

Upgrade agent Problem

Upgrading an agent in VMM has been safe to do in VMM since 2012R2 came out. But this time it failed flat on it’s ass. When upgrading the process threw this error msg in VMM.

It failed on deploying the driver and installing the virtual switch extension. At the same time i lost some of my VM’s and they where running on that node.

What happend was networking dropped on that node when installing the switch extension causing the VMM upgrade to fail as it lost connectivity. And the node dropped out of the cluster for a like 1 minute. And it caused all my VM’s on that node to be moved to another node as they failed. They started up, but it’s not a good solution.

The Solution

Was to drain the node of all resources, aka drain and pause. Either via VMM or FCM, i chose FCM as it fails vm’s and storage back to the same node. And then run the upgrade. On the 3rd node it failed as well. But on the 4th node it went trough without a problem.

So be aware that the node can loose connectivity when you try to upgrade VMM agent on your hyper-v nodes.

2nd issue adding new nodes to VMM

As i upgraded to VMM 2022 i also wanted to add my Azure Stack HCI 21H2 nodes to VMM as well. This failed with a error

Error (413)
The files needed to install agent, version 10.22.1287.0, are missing from the VMM management server JTVMM.

It was failing to install the agent on the nodes. Permission is there, the files are located in the correct place on the VMM server and so on.

The Solution

The solution was to install the VMM agent files manually on the nodes first via Console access. Then add them in VMM and it worked great. This will attach the VMM agent that is installed and add all the features needed for the agent to do it’s things

The VMM teams is following this up and is aware of the issue and is trying to replicate and find a solution for this. Multiple MVP’s have reported this and it’s a top priority of the VMM team to fix this issue asap.

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