Our ebay development S2D cluster

During this summer i decided i wanted to test out Storage Spaces Direct. TP5 was out and i was quite eager to test it out. Now it’s been upgraded to RTM with cluster rolling upgrade. Rember to run Update-ClusterFunctionalLevel after.

So i look arround on ebay for some servers and other items i needed to buy. I ended up with the list under all in 4x

  • HP DL380 G6 16 bay 128GB mem, 2x4core Intel CPU HP P420
  • HP H220
  • MellanoX ConnectX3 MCX312A-XCBT
  • Intel 750 NVME PCIe
  • 2x Kingston SSDNow V310 for caching(Replacing with Samsung SM863)
  • 6x WD Red NAS 1tb 2.5″
  • Dell Force Ten S4810P (Already had)

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How replacing a NVME card on a S2D cluster caused me alot of hedache

A week ago i replaced a NVME card on our development Storage Spaces Direct cluster. This did not go as gracefully as i had hoped. Normaly this should work in the following way.

  • Pause node and drain the server for all resources
  • Shut down server
  • Replace NVME card
  • Reboot server
  • Resume server

This did not go as planned. I ended up with quite alot off issues. This was a late saturday evening. I ended up with disks that looked like this.

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