Troubleshooting failed VirtualDisk on a Storage Spaces Direct Cluster

In this guide i will explain what you can do to fix a failed virtualdisk in a Failover Cluster. In S2D the ReFS volume will write some metadata to the volume when it mounts it. If it can’t do this for some reason it will jump the virtualdisk from node to node until it’s tried to mount it on the last host. Then it will fail and you will get this state in the event log and the Virtual disk will be failed.


If you also look in your ReFS event log you will see things like this


Now let’s run a powershell command on one of the nodes to look at the VirtualDisk


Now let’s run some commands to fix this issue.



Now the virtualdisk should look like this in Failover Cluster manager.


So now we can add the virtualdisk back as a Cluster Shared Volume



And in failover cluster it should look like as normal. You can now start up your VM’s




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