About me

Hi and welcome to my blog site. Here i will be blogging about things i do and find interesting in the quite big IT world.

My name is Jan-Tore Pedersen,and i have been working in the IT industry since 2006. As a consultant and systems administrator. Just started working as a Senior Consultant at Skill AS in Oslo, Norway. Skill focuses on Azure cloud and Hybrid aproach, and strive to give the client as much value as possible in every project.  My prev job was as a Senior Systems Engineer at Infront in norway, who is a reseller of financial information. Real time data, news, historical data and a lot more for the financial systems. My responsibilities span from setting up client computers, to servers, network, firewalls. I have the main infrastructure responsibility and focus on the network, firewalls, server park both software and hardware. From normal servers to Hyper-V Clusters. Right now i am involved in a big S2D cluster upgrade from 2012 R2 with san’s.

This blog will contain info about things i work on and things that interest me in the IT world.